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GoGreen Conference Phoenix

2012 Session Details

Arizona C-Suite Plenary: The Business Case for Sustainability
How ever you frame it, reducing resource consumption, curbing environmental impact and infusing social betterment initiatives into an organization requires time, commitment and investment. So how necessary is it to take action now? Our opening plenary presents three executives from Arizona companies candidly sharing the business case for and against adopting sustainability initiatives from a big picture perspective. From across industries, these leaders will come together for a dialogue on the practicality of launching sustainability improvements, the payback of investments, and the urgency of building resiliency and a competitive edge as markets shift and reform around us.
Getting Serious: Integrating Sustainability and Strategic Plan for Business Results
The most successful business leaders have affirmed that the way to achieve long-term viability and competitiveness in an increasingly global marketplace is to push beyond 'random acts of sustainability' and invest in an integrated approach that weaves environmental and social initiatives throughout an entire organization — addressing strategy, governance and conduct as well as efficiencies. This workshop features three exemplary case studies that have successfully built sustainability measures into their organizational performance model and are seeing measurable outcomes. Participants will leave with next steps and a blueprint for pursuing a more integrated sustainability strategy, no matter the size or sector of their organization.
Regional Transportation Strategies: The Next Generation of Alternative Vehicle Fleets
Alternative fuel vehicle (AV) options have grown significantly in the region in the past decade, and the forecast shows continued expansion and infrastructure development along the Sun Corridor. This panel will walk through a multidimensional strategy that takes into account a host of economic, organizational and geographic factors in order to cost-effectively transition your fleet to increased fuel efficiency and lower environmental impact. Hosted by a mix of seasoned fleet managers and regional experts, we'll discuss projected AV opportunities and how to devise the best portfolio and roll-out for your business.
The Mayors Challenge: Arizona Mayors Discuss Urban Sustainable Development Solutions
Led by the Greater Phoenix Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, we proudly welcome three Arizona city mayors in a discussion of The Bloomberg Mayors Challenge. Mayors from Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe discuss the dynamic impacts city-level innovation is generating in the quest to solve major challenges and improve quality-of-life through the development of sustainable business. Also on the docket: Making a clear case for establishing business opportunities to improve social, environmental and economically responsible business opportunities. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see how Arizona cities are pursuing sustainable development through a business lens.
Discussion Forum: The Role of Policy in Driving Responsible Business
How can we make policy work for us? If the goal is to transition to a culture of responsible resource use, social equity and long-term economic viability then we must figure out how policy can help get us there — at the local level and in the state of Arizona. Featuring five leading perspectives in an interactive discussion about the role of policy and how it supports the economic development of responsible businesses, this panel opens a much-needed dialogue on mandatory regulations, shifting subsidies, new legislation and creative public/private partnerships.
Make Money by Doing Good: Designing A Triple Bottom Line Enterprise
So, you like the idea of implementing a triple bottom line, but you aren't quite sure how to work this framework into your business model? This hands-on workshop will reveal how to succeed with economic, environmental and social impact tracking in place via a look into the real-world financials of Arizona-based companies. You'll see three Triple Bottom Line companies in action, get advice on how to apply this philosophy to conventional accounting processes, plus explore the social enterprise model and its impact on our communities.
Commercial Zero Waste Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line
Zero waste management is on top of the list for commercial impact reduction goals. This workshop centers on practical methods for zero waste opportunity evaluation and prioritization from four unique perspectives. Presenters will walk attendees through the assessment process, the development of zero waste strategies, and key takeaways they've gained from experience. You'll leave armed with the 'how-to"s" for eliminating waste before it's created and successfully mapping your wastestream to get as close to zero as you can, all while saving money along the way.
Emerging Leaders: Cutting Edge Companies and Trends You Must Know
As innovation ripens, new leaders emerge who are setting new precedents and quickly changing conventional markets. In this showcase, we present four emerging leaders to give a sneak preview of what's developing on the frontiers of responsible enterprise. These up and coming movers and shakers will share trends in the making and culture shifts in #realtime in technology, communications, resource management, and doing good while making a profit.

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